Prep your print on demand store for mother's day 2022

How to Prepare Your Print on Demand Store for Mother’s Day 2022

by Gooten Editorial Team on Apr. 14, 2022

The Holiday season is upon us once again – which holiday you ask? Well, the most important one of course. Mother’s Day! 

According to research, an estimated $20.7 billion dollars was spent on Mother’s Day last year for the 85.4 million moms in the US alone. On average, American consumers spend $168.94 on mom for Mother’s Day (she is worth it after all!). More importantly, our eCommerce partners will be happy to hear that almost 31% percent of gifts for moms are purchased online!

With the holiday being just a little over a month away, now is the perfect time to start planning for new products and marketing campaigns. Below we’ll go over the best ways to prepare your print-on-demand store for Mother’s Day 2022.

Top Products to Increase Sales for Mother's Day


For the mom who love to stay hydrated or unwind, these water bottles and wine tumblers are a perfect gift. Display your creativity or add catchy phrases that moms everywhere will love!

Outdoor Living

For the mom who is always sprucing up her patio and backyard, these outdoor accessories will provide the perfect finishing touch. Create matching designs for all three products!


Customized blankets are the ultimate gift for the mom that is always feeling a little chill in the house. Whether it’s woven or fleece, it will surely become your mom’s new favorite blanket! Add your own unique artwork or offer personalization so that your customers can customize it to their liking.

Travel & Weekend Fun

For the mom whose weekend schedule is always packed with activities, check out these fun accessories to add to your print on demand store! Personalize them with soothing colors or an inspiring print.


A gift that will never go out of style – the classic t-shirt! Check out our new array of tie-dye shirts, perfect for the mom who is more groovy and hip, or the Gildan 64000L for the more eco-conscious moms.

Fashion Accessories 

 A custom accessory is the perfect gift to show moms the care and love they deserve!

Self Care 

Every mom can use a little more self care! And these new custom scented candles are the perfect gift to help calm your mind and add an extra touch of relaxation. 

Want more product ideas?

Check out our product catalog.

Don’t just offer generic products, step up your game with personalization!

One of the best ways to offer special, unique gifts is through personalized products. Not only are customers expressing interest in them, but they are also willing to pay 20% more for a customized product! 

How can you offer personalization in your store for Mother’s Day?

Step 1. Choose which products you want to make customizable. Any of the 130+ products in our catalog are available for personalization!

Step 2. Establish how your customer can customize their product. Can they add their mother’s name? Or can they upload a family photo or a phrase their mother always quotes? Be creative in this step to make your products stand out!

Step 3. Choose the design process. The most common way is to hire a freelance artist to create the design. Or if you’re more creatively inclined, you can create the design yourself!

Step 4. Once your customer purchases a personalized product, all you have to do is upload their customized design on your Gooten Admin page and you’re done! You don’t need to manually enter any of the product or customer information because we’ve automated and simplified the entire process!

Suggested Order Deadlines

Once you’ve added the perfect Mother’s Day themed products to your shop, make sure your customers know when to order their gifts so that it arrives in time. The last thing you want is your customers to disappoint their mothers! With so many shoppers eager to provide their mom with the perfect gift, we want to make sure you’re equipped to manage customer expectations, so your customers get that perfect gift on time.

Be sure to communicate the guidelines below on your store so they know when to place their orders!

  • Standard: April 26
  • Expedited: April 28
  • Overnight: May 1

Ready, Set, Sell!

Other than the winter holidays, Mother’s Day is one of the most popular gift-giving holidays and a great opportunity for print on demand and eCommerce businesses to attract new customers and retain existing ones. After you’ve added these popular products to your store, start planning your Mother’s Day marketing campaigns. It’s never too early to share promotions to make sure your brand stays top of mind with consumers!

What Mother’s Day themed products are you selling this year? Let us know on Instagram, Twitter, or email us directly at!