How to Use Pinterest to Increase Print on Demand Sales

by Gooten Editorial Team on May 19, 2022

For print on demand companies, social media can be a source of tremendous opportunity. It can also be a source of immense frustration. While the idea of using social media to boost sales is tantalizing, it’s all too common for print on demand merchants to invest countless hours and copious resources in social media marketing and wind up with nothing to show for it.

Part of the problem may come down to platform selection. Certainly, a platform like TikTok can be used to build your brand, but actually generating print on demand sales can be dicey.

By contrast, Pinterest provides a great venue for on demand marketing. In this post, we’ll outline a few Pinterest marketing tips to help you generate more print on demand sales.

Set Yourself Up for On Demand Marketing Success

First things first: Make sure your account is properly established for Pinterest marketing success. Here’s a checklist.

  • Convert your account from personal to business.
  • Upload a company logo, if you have one.
  • Choose a custom Pinterest URL to reflect your brand.
  • Make sure your account title includes your business name, plus relevant keywords.
  • Verify your geographic location.
  • Create five boards that are relevant to your print on demand brand.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy for On-Demand Brands

Once you’ve set up an account and some relevant boards, you’re ready to follow a few general Pinterest marketing tips.

  1. Upload product photos or mockups to Pinterest. Remember, Pinterest is fundamentally a visual medium, which is what makes it so valuable for print on demand companies. As you upload images, keep in mind that you can click the + sign on the pin builder to create multiple pins at once. Also be sure to optimize for Pinterest’s ideal aspect ratio, 2:3.
  2. Tag all the products in each pin. Make sure that the tagged items are linked to the relevant product pages on your print on demand website.
  3. Write good titles and descriptions for each pin. Be sure that your titles and descriptions are filled with descriptive keywords and crafted with searchability in mind. It’s crucial that you avoid overstuffing your keywords or including terms that are irrelevant to the product in question. You do, however, want to provide information that entices consumers to click. (We would recommend approaching your titles and descriptions the same way you’d approach SEO titles and meta descriptions.)
  4. Schedule a pin for each day. Later on, you may decide that you want to schedule more than one pin per day. When you’re first starting out with Pinterest marketing, however, your main goal should be consistency. As such, scheduling a pin per day is likely sufficient. If a month passes and you feel comfortable with this schedule, you can consider doubling up.
  5. Set reasonable expectations. By following these tips, we think you’ll see some notable improvements to your print on demand sales. With that said, Pinterest marketing won’t yield overnight results. Be patient, stick to the strategy, and don’t give up if you don’t see the needle move right away.

On Demand Marketing: Additional Tips

Beyond this five-point strategy, here are a few additional Pinterest marketing tips for print on demand businesses to keep in mind.

  • Remember that Pinterest has its own internal search engine, so you should always be looking for opportunities to add relevant search terms, including in your bio, in product descriptions, on boards, etc.
  • Make your pins shoppable! To do this, you’ll need to claim your website and upgrade to a business account. (See our previous Pinterest setup checklist.)
  • Use mockups to consistently share high-quality images on Pinterest. And make sure you’re consistent in posting new content; as with any social platform, Pinterest requires regular updates.

Learn More About Print on Demand Sales Success

Pinterest can be an invaluable tool for print on demand merchants. Armed with the right strategy, you can use Pinterest marketing to notably increase your sales figures.