Key Takeaways from Sourcing at Magic 2021

by Gooten Editorial Team on Aug. 19, 2021

A few weeks ago our team had the privilege of exhibiting Gooten at Sourcing at Magic—one of the most anticipated and comprehensive apparel sourcing events in the US. We enjoyed meeting the many brands and designers looking to incorporate and supplement their business with print-on-demand. We also had the pleasure of attending sessions with experts in the sourcing and licensing industries. If you weren’t able to attend Sourcing at Magic, here are some key insights our team gathered that can be helpful for your business journey!

Key Takeaways

1. Lack of supply chain knowledge.

We met many young designers that were interested in growing their brands, however, the main knowledge gap they expressed was how to build up and manage the supply chain aspect. If you’re a fellow up-and-coming designer, now you can rest assured that you are not alone in this! Print on demand is a relatively new industry and companies like Gooten are the perfect solution to outsource your supply chain so that you can focus on what you do best like designing!

2. Factories of the future.

Flying cars may not be a part of our modern day world, but digital factories are. We were excited to learn about TukaTech, a fashion technology company based in California, that shared an example of a digital micro-factory—a full service digital solution that digitizes the production process from digitally printing designs and patterns to digitally laser cutting and sewing all the pieces together. This is already an ecosystem that leading companies—like Kornit, one of Gooten’s primary printing partners—are incorporating. 

3. Minimum guarantees.

The number one concern we heard about from brands and designers was minimum guarantees—they are expensive, time-intensive, and prohibit them from quickly going to market with new designs. That’s why many of them were shocked when we told them at Gooten there are no minimum guarantees. If you also want to get a taste of the zero-inventory lifestyle, get started with our print-on-demand solution today!

4. Sustainability is top of mind.

Sustainability has always been a hot topic in the fashion industry and is becoming increasingly important as the climate changes. Designers and brands can use print on demand as a more environmentally friendly production option because there is no wasteful bulk inventory and dynamic routing allows items to be produced close to the end customer.

5. A new option for licensing.

If you’re a license holder, did you know that you can leverage print on demand to sell directly to customers and drive higher margins for your business? Well, now you do! With Gooten, it’s never been easier to go-to-market and test new licensing designs on a wide variety of products to see what resonates with your audience.

6. Gooten’s standard for quality.

We don’t mean to toot our own horn but many retailers who visited the Gooten booth were blown away by the quality of our newest print on demand samples using direct to garment (DTG) and hybrid DTG printing methods. If you want to check it out for yourself, sign up with Gooten and order a sample today!

If you were unable to join us at Sourcing at Magic, you have another opportunity to meet our team at the White Label World Expo in Las Vegas on September 1st and 2nd. Stop by Booth 3125 to view a demo of our platform, see product samples or just to say hello! You can register here