Last Minute Video Marketing Ideas

by Gooten Editorial Team on Dec. 20, 2022

In order for your print on demand store to enjoy a successful holiday season, you’ll need to be disciplined, strategic, and effective in your approach to marketing. One major component of that is video. Simply put, video marketing is the best way to engage potential customers and to promote your print on demand product line.

But what are the best ways to market your print on demand company via video? And how can you connect with seasonal shoppers, in particular? Consider a few of these last minute video marketing tips.

Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Print on Demand Company

1) Provide personal greetings.

Remember that video marketing doesn’t always have to be about direct selling. One of the perks of video is that it helps to humanize and personalize your brand, making it easier for potential customers to connect with you on an emotional level. To that end, there’s much to be said for simple video greetings: Share a quick hello for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and/or Christmas, offering your well wishes and a word of thanks to those who have supported your print on demand shop over the previous year.

2) Announce sales.

… but then again, direct selling certainly has its place. This is especially true if you have a big annual sale that you want people to know about: Think Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or promos that last through the season of Advent. Put out a video announcing the sale, outlining some of the perks or promos you’re offering, and stressing the urgency: Customers need to act sooner rather than later to get the best deals, and to ensure their products arrive before Christmas Eve.

3) Showcase your products.

Buying a print on demand product may fill some shoppers with trepidation, especially if they’ve never bought from you before. Will the product be high-quality? Will it look just as advertised? One easy way to allay fears, and to provide your buyers with confidence, is to put out video content showing your products directly. Highlight the diversity of your catalog and the quality of your individual products.

4) Outline your perks and amenities.

Ultimately, seasonal shoppers won’t choose you solely on the basis of your products. After all, there are plenty of print on demand stores out there. What can really set you apart is any holiday perks you offer, whether that’s free shipping, expedited delivery times, free gift wrapping, or smaller products that you bundle with larger orders. Make sure you outline all these perks and benefits in your video marketing.

5) Go behind-the-scenes.

Again, one of the main benefits of video content is that it helps remind shoppers of the human face behind your print on demand veneer. Another way to humanize your brand, and to engage with shoppers on an emotional level? Make some behind the scenes footage, perhaps showing off your design process. Let shoppers get to know you on a more personal level.

6) Take questions.

While pre-filmed video can be really powerful, there’s also something to be said for the spontaneity of livestreaming. Going live is a good way to interact with potential shoppers in the moment, answering any questions they might have about particular products, about shipping or return policies, about the print on demand process, and so forth.

7) Offer authenticity.

A final note about video marketing: You don’t have to have million-dollar production values or high-tech Hollywood film equipment to get video marketing right. On the contrary, today’s consumers tend to prefer something more intimate, authentic, off-the-cuff, and real. If you have an iPhone, a YouTube account, and some social media platforms, then you ultimately have what you need to excel at video marketing.

Holiday Video Marketing for Print on Demand Businesses

For your print on demand company to enjoy success during the holidays, you’ll want to use all the tools in your marketing toolbox. And that definitely includes video.

Questions about how to position your print on demand business for seasonal success? We’d love to help however we can. Gooten is a trusted fulfillment partner for print on demand businesses across the world. Contact us to discuss potential opportunities to partner with us.