Leveraging Psychology in Your Print on Demand Marketing

by Gooten Editorial Team on Jul. 7, 2022

In a lot of ways, commerce has changed considerably over the past 20 years. For example, when people want to buy a new product today, they are as likely to shop on the Internet as to visit a brick and mortar store. And when consumers decide to make a purchase, they can do so with just a few taps of their mobile device.

But there are some things that haven’t changed, namely the desires, fears, and other psychological principles that motivate consumer decision-making. Leveraging these psychological principles can be a powerful way to propel your print on demand business to greater success.

6 Psychological Concepts to Leverage in Your Online Marketing

So which psychological tenets are most valuable as you try to advance your print on demand business? Here are a few considerations.

1) Attraction to novelty.

Generally speaking, people tend to gravitate toward things that are unusual or unique. As such, one of the best ways to market a print on demand product is to make sure that it’s something niche, unlike what your competitors are offering. Developing “limited edition” products can also be a good way to sate this desire for novelty.

2) Desire for pleasure.

Our brains are hardwired to seek pleasure. Simply put, we’re drawn toward those experiences that leave us feeling good. That’s something that might impact your marketing messaging. Rather than describing what your product is or how it works, emphasize the way your consumers will feel after completing their purchase.

Basically, this just means developing marketing collateral that connects your products to a feeling of pleasure. Offer every assurance that the folks who buy from your print on demand store will be glad they did.

3) Human connection.

We also share an innate desire to connect with other human beings. Again, this is a psychological truth that can guide your marketing messaging.

Consider ways in which you can let consumers know that your product has made a real impact on somebody else’s life. Share stories from satisfied customers, making it clear that your product brought them delight. Other consumers will want to share in that delight; when they see that someone else has been satisfied by your product, they’ll find that both relatable and aspirational.

4) Natural curiosity.

Many of us are curious by nature, eager to learn new things and to expand our knowledge base. This, too, can be a useful way to generate interest in your print on demand products.

Exactly how can you inspire curiosity? Send out an email newsletter that offers tips, guidelines, or life hacks that are related to your product in some way. Let your readers know that they can gain further information by checking out your website, then develop a special landing page to engage them.

5) Fear of missing out (FOMO).

Nobody likes feeling left out. The fear that everyone else is doing something without you can be a powerful motivator, and it’s definitely something you can incorporate into your marketing.

Again, one of the tricks here is to make limited-time offers. Let your customers know that a particular product will only be around for a season, or that your current promo/sale will just be around for a couple of weeks.

You can also announce special savings for newsletter subscribers… a great way to drum up sign-ups by making folks think they’re missing out on exclusive offers.

6) Social proof.

A final consideration, and one we’ve alluded to already: Consumers generally like to know that other people have used the product in question, and found it satisfactory.

To build confidence in your print on demand products, consider offering various forms of social proof: Reviews, testimonials, even videos of customers championing your products.

Get More Tips for Print on Demand Marketing

There are a number of ways in which psychology shapes our purchasing decisions. Leveraging that psychology is an outstanding way to create more interest in your print on demand store.

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