“Made in America” for the 2024 Elections

by Gooten Editorial Team on Jan. 29, 2024

Ensure that “Made in America” is prominent in your print on demand branding. 

In 2024, Americans will head to the polls for yet another milestone election. As such, the year is sure to bring plenty of spirited conversations about civic duty and American values. Voters will understand and prioritize the significance of domestically produced goods and the impact of “Made in America” is a crucial aspect especially during an election year.  Print on demand sellers focused on election related merchandise already know to make this part of their value proposition.  

How Print on Demand Sellers Can Make “Made in America” Part of Their Brand

Why “Made in America” Matters

During an election year, candidates often emphasize job creation and economic stability. By favoring products manufactured domestically, consumers actively participate in fostering a robust and self-sufficient economy.Offering American-made products can be easier said than done. Print on demand sellers will have to do a little legwork, sourcing garments and other products that can guarantee American manufacturing. And in many cases, these products will be pricier than imported alternatives.

For many print on demand sellers, that extra difficulty will be well worth the effort. Simply put, “Made in America” is a phrase that consumers associate with durability, with quality, and with meaningful investment in the US economy. As such, offering American-made products can be a great way to entice buyers, to justify premium price points, and to establish a competitive advantage.

Some specific benefits of offering Made in America products include:

  • Better quality. Polling consistently shows that consumers associate American manufacturing with higher standards of quality control… and thus, they’ll often pay a little extra money for these products, assuming they’ll last longer.
  • Economic ripples. Consumers also understand that buying products made in America can send a positive ripple through the entire domestic economy. Investing in “Made in America” products can be a way to invest in local communities.
  • Sustainability. It’s also worth noting that American-made products don’t have to be shipped across the Pacific Ocean, which means they often come with more minimal carbon emissions. American-made is rightly associated with green

These are just a few of the reasons to prioritize “Made in America” at your print on demand store. The question is, how do you make this central to your brand?

Making “Made in America” Part of Your Message

Consider just a few strategies for creating strong, consistent “Made in America” messaging for your print on demand store.

1) Include it on your About page.

Certainly, individual product pages should denote when an item is American manufactured. But it’s also important to highlight your commitment to American craftsmanship (and to the American economy) on your About page. Include strong verbiage about your support for local communities, and your desire to see all-American standards of quality upheld.

2) Provide visual confirmation.

We see many print on demand companies who include “Made in America” or “Made in the USA” insignias throughout their website, providing every shopper with a clear reminder of the company’s stance and values. This can certainly be an effective way to keep your “Made in America” priorities front and center.

3) Create product tags.

Maybe you offer a combination of products made in America and products made elsewhere. For your consumers who want to identify the US-manufactured wares, it’s imperative that you provide an easy way to sort and categorize products. Simple “Made in America” product tags can go a long way.

4) Include “Made in America” in your email footer.

A small logo or some verbiage in your email footer ensures that every marketing blast or product announcement you send out gently reminds buyers of your commitment to US manufacturing.

5) Don’t forget about social media.

Finally, remember that #MadeInAmerica can be a powerful addition to any social media post, particularly if it’s highlighting a new entry in your all-American product portfolio.

How Gooten Can help with your “Made in America” Assortment

The bottom line for print on demand sellers: Offering products made in the USA is always advantageous, not least during an election year. At Gooten, with our extensive distribution network the vast majority of products shipping within the US are printed within the US.  In addition Gooten is also proud to offer the following brands that focus on American Manufacturing. 

Bayside is a brand that brings you authentic, made-in-the-USA garments. Bayside Apparel takes pride in its fully integrated, in-house production process – from knitting and dyeing to finishing, cutting, and sewing. This ensures unparalleled consistency, sustainability, and top-notch quality in every garment. Committed to creating jobs in America, Bayside Apparel’s growth translates into more opportunities, with a focus on sustainability, community, and eco-friendly practices, making each garment a True American Made Tee. We are excited to offer the full range of styles but definitely check out the Bayside 5100 T-shirt, Bayside 4000 Hoodie and Bayside 6100 Long Sleeve Tee.

Bella Canvas 3001U is the USA made Unisex Short Sleeve Jersey T-shirt that you are already familiar with! Gooten offers all the available colors in sizes XS-3XL.  Designed with superior combed and ring-spun imported cotton and cut, dyed, and sewn in the US, these customizable shirts provide a great surface for DTG printing.

Our assortment of woven blankets and woven pillows are fully printed and woven in the USA. Our exclusive collection of woven products is expertly crafted to bring comfort and elegance to any living space. Each blanket is 100% pure cotton dyed in colors to bring unique imagery to life and our decorative pillows are made from a carefully woven blend of 58% cotton and 42% polyester yarns.

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