Mastering the Art of Personalization

by Gooten Editorial Team on Mar. 11, 2021

During our webinar this week, Gooten’s VP of Business of Development, Maddy Alcala, spoke about how to leverage personalization in your business, what pitfalls to avoid, and how Gooten is uniquely positioned to help scale your store with our automated personalization workflow.

Want to learn how to implement personalized products in your store? Check out the full video below!

Key Takeaways

1. Mass personalization will outpace eCommerce by 2x.

“Mass customization is the next phase of the Internet. People want to play around and create things themselves.” – Pietro Beccari, former Fendi and Current Dior CEO.

Personalization is a great opportunity for small to medium sized eCommerce brands to get a leg up in the industry. Consumers want personalized items because they:

  • Make great gifts
  • Want to buy something unique
  • Often find standard products don’t offer exactly what they want
  • Believe designing something yourself is fun
  • Like to buy something that expresses their personality
  • Like the idea of sharing customer designs online and on social media

2. Why personalization benefits eCommerce businesses.

T-Shirts are an evergreen wardrobe item that can fit any niche audience. Here are a few our top t-shirt picks:

  • Gain an edge. Selling personalized products benefits smaller retailers and gives merchants an edge over massive entrenched players.
  • Remain nimble. Smaller eCommerce businesses can be nimble in their offerings and technology and are less caught up in the licensing space which can limit creativity.
  • Offer a premium. 1 in 5 consumers are willing to pay a 20% premium for personalized products and nearly half of customers say that they would be willing to wait longer to receive personalized products (Deloitte).
  • Create loyalty. For consumers, personalized products can boost loyalty because they were invested in creating the product.

3. Guide your customers.

Don’t give your customers an infinite amount of designs and products to choose from. Having too many options can be overwhelming for the customer and it can take the value of your brand out of the equation. In fact, 42% of consumers who are interested in customized products prefer if brands led them and helped them choose from a curated selection of options.

4. Invest in previews and technology.

As an online business, it’s incredibly important for your customers to experience the products before they buy them—that’s where product previews come into play! For small businesses just starting out, there are several great “tech-light” options to add previews and interaction to your store such as: Product Personalizer from the Shopify App Store, Place It, Envato, and Creative Market.

5. Why Gooten?

Many personalized gifts businesses trust Gooten to scale their business because of our:

  • Best-in-class fulfillment. We are particularly geared towards reducing the time between the order is received and when the order is delivered to enable merchants to maximize their sales windows.
  • Robust product catalog. We give merchants access to a vast and growing catalog of products combined with data and insights to help them expand their product selection in accordance with buying trends and customer behavior.
  • Workflow solutions. Gooten’s automated workflows are aimed at eliminating friction in the order and management processes, specifically for businesses that offer customization.