Prep Your Print on Demand Store for Back-to-School Shopping 

by Gooten Editorial Team on Aug. 4, 2022

It’s that time again. Across the country, to the disappointment of every child—and the relief of most parents—the back-to-school season is in full swing. But before students can return to the classroom, they have some shopping to do. And that presents a real opportunity for print on demand sellers.

Why Print on Demand is Perfect for Back-to-School Shopping

Simply put, print on demand stores provide a way for students of all ages to get the customized apparel and accessories they need to enter a new school year with confidence. From printed T-shirts to customized notebooks, there are countless ways in which print on demand sellers can allow students to put their interests and personalities on display.

There are a number of common print on demand products that are just right for the start of a new school year… and naturally, these are the products for print on demand stores to highlight.

Examples include:


Also remember that backtoschool shopping season isn’t just for elementary, middle, and high schoolers. There are plenty of older students heading off to college and print on demand stores provide a great resource for furnishing their dorm. Some items to highlight include:


Keep these back to school and custom home decor products top-of-mind (and top-of-page) during this important shopping season.

Tips for Effective Back-to-School Marketing

Placing these custom home decor products and school supplies at the top of your e-commerce store is an important way to draw back to school shoppers… but ultimately, it’s not enough to propel your store to seasonal success. Here are a few additional marketing tips to consider.

1) Create separate collections.

Remember that education looks different for everyone. By creating different collections, you can emphasize your understanding, and highlight your willingness to meet specific customer needs. For instance, why not a unique collection of at-home learning products (think mousepads, desk mats, etc.) for homeschooled students? Tote bags and sweatshirts for student athletes?

2) Add new products to your mix.

If your backtoschool selection is anemic, this may be the perfect time to add some new products to the catalog. Think about things like phone cases, spiral notebooks, and water bottles. Make sure you highlight these new additions to your print on demand store.

3) Consider all ages.

Posters and comforters are great for college students, but also make sure you feature some items appropriate for younger students. A simple sticker sheet can make backtoschool season more fun for kindergarten students.

4) Provide options for teachers.

Educators need backtoschool supplies, too! Make sure to highlight products that they can purchase for themselves, or products they might receive as gifts. Some examples include mugs, tote bags, laptop cases, and matching T-shirts for staff members to wear.

5) Highlight savings.

The back-to-school shopping season can be fun, but it can also produce some anxiety… especially as parents of multiple children start seeing the price tags add up. Try to ease the burden however you can, enticing shoppers with seasonal promotions, free shipping, etc. Use your email list to distribute special coupons and promo codes. Also keep in mind the value of bundle deals, giveaways, etc.

6) Have a contest.

Hold a social media contest, encouraging your users to post photos or use branded hashtags. Social media contests can be a great way to drum up interest and engagement, while also reminding your followers that your print on demand store can accommodate their back-to-school needs.

Prep Your Print on Demand Store

The back-to-school shopping season presents a unique opportunity for print on demand stores. To take advantage of that opportunity, you’re going to need to do a little prep work.

One additional step to consider? Find the right partner. Gooten has a robust selection of back-to-school products that we can help you add to your catalog. To find out more, reach out to the Gooten team today.