What’s the Best Option for Stainless Steel Drinkware?

by Gooten Editorial Team on May 13, 2024

For e-commerce sellers, the drinkware category offers incredible opportunities. Think about it: Practically everyone you know has either an insulated coffee cup, a reusable water bottle, or a cupholder-friendly tumbler that they tote around with them, allowing them to remain either hydrated or caffeinated throughout the day.


To take advantage of this category, and to distinguish your store from the competition, you’ll want to ensure you’re offering the very best drinkware products. Here at Gooten, we’re pleased to offer exactly that. Our catalog includes top-of-the-line drinkware options, including both branded and non-branded options. We’re proud to offer trusted names like Arctic Zone, CamelBak, Klean Kanteen and more, well known and trusted consumer brands.


One question you might ask is, what makes one drinkware product superior to the rest? When it comes to stainless steel items like our Viking tumblers, the answer has everything to do with insulation. Simply put, different drinkware products come with different types of insulation technology, which means some do a better job than others at keeping beverages at the desired temperature.

Single Wall vs. Double Wall Insulation

To better understand how stainless steel insulation works, one important concept is single wall vs. double wall.

Single Wall Insulation

Single wall insulation is exactly what it sounds like: There is a single metal wall that keeps the drink hot or cold. 

Thanks to the scientific principle of conduction, single wall insulation results in rapid heat transfer. This means beverages lose their desired temperature more quickly. It also means cold drinks cause the tumbler to “sweat,” while hot beverages may make the drinkware item feel uncomfortably warm to the touch.

That’s not to say single wall insulation is totally bad. It certainly regulates temperature better than if you left the drink uncovered. And, single wall insulation tends to be quite lightweight, which can be appealing to customers who don’t wish to lug around a heavier cup or tumbler.

Double Wall Insulation

Alternatively, double wall insulation involves not one but two layers of metal, with a pocket of “air” between them. That layer of air is crucial to slowing the heat transfer process.. Certain products are even featured as vacuum insulated – which means the space between the walls is evacuated to create a vacuum, (or near vacuum) environment with little to no air molecules.  The absence of these air molecules further minimizes heat transfer which makes vacuum insulated products the most effective at maintaining the temperature of the contents for long periods of time!

Simply put, a double wall insulated tumbler is not going to feel as hot or cold to the touch, nor is it going to lose its temperature very quickly. In fact, many of these drinkware products can retain their temperature for 18 to 24 hours, making them ideal companions for long days on the road.

Neoprene, Copper, and More

In addition to single wall and double wall stainless steel, it may also be helpful to know a bit more about materials like neoprene and copper.

Neoprene is a synthetic coating, made from petroleum rubber and is  the material that wetsuits are made out of to help our bodies retain heat.  Neoprene can curb the effects of temperature transfer and can coozies are often made out of this material. Can Coozies tend to be lower cost, reusable and portable making them a popular option.  

Another innovation to consider is the use of a copper lining within a drinkware vessel. Copper can help to more evenly distribute temperature throughout the beverage, which can help maintain temperature all day long. Our Viking tumblers use copper, which is still another reason why they are such a popular option.

Choose Gooten for Your Print on Demand Drinkware Needs

The bottom line: As you consider adding drinkware to your e-commerce store, it’s important to choose truly high-quality, distinguished products. Double wall insulation is the top-tier solution, and we’re pleased to offer it here at Gooten. Learn more by taking a closer look at our Viking tumblers.