What are the Most Trusted Platforms in the Print on Demand Industry?

by Gooten Editorial Team on Jun. 18, 2024

Reviewing the Review Sites

As you shop around for a print on demand partner of your own, it’s important to check the leading review sites, which can tell you a lot about the level of quality and service you can expect. As you assess these reviews, though, it’s important to be aware of some of the distinctions between the different aggregators. Here is a quick overview of the four review sites that loom largest in the print on demand world.

Review Sites


Trustpilot is a platform that businesses can use to encourage their customers to provide them with feedback. Trustpilot reviews can be integrated with Google, and they can also be displayed on business websites as a way of generating trust and credibility. Some bullet points about Trustpilot:

  • Trustpilot allows customers to rank businesses and brands on a five-star scale.
  • Trustpilot also calculates a TrustScore for each company based on various factors, including the number of reviews, the recency of reviews, and the overall sentiment expressed in those reviews. This score provides additional insight into the trustworthiness of a business.
  • While Trustpilot provides its services across various industries, it’s most commonly in e-commerce, tourism and travel, financial services, and home services.
TinaEtsy Partner
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15/10. Amazing. Some of the best support I have received from any company. Gooten's policies and processes were patiently explained while addressing my concerns and there was care taking in helping me understand the explanations and processes.
Gwen Gibson
Gwen GibsonEtsy Partner
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Your customer service is top notch. You are quick to analyze the problem and solve with a quick solution. Thank you!


Another review platform that’s big in the print on demand space is G2, formerly known as G2 Crowd. Focused primarily on software and digital solutions, G2 not only allows customers to offer their feedback, but it also enables side-by-side comparisons of different services.

Some fast facts:

  • G2 uses a five-star rating scale.
  • G2 publishes Grid Reports, which are industry-specific reports that rank software products based on user reviews and other factors. These reports provide insights into the leading solutions in each category, helping users identify top performers and market trends.
  • In addition to reviews from consumers, G2 also incorporates expert insights from thought leaders in various fields.
Ju S.
Ju S.Etsy Partner
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I love that Gooten has a variety of products that other platforms don't have. I can have more products to work with and more opportunities to sell in my print on demand company. Thank you, Gooten
Jessica C. K.
Jessica C. K.Etsy Partner
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I started using Gooten to expand my creative designs onto more products and create more variety in my shop. So far I have been very pleased at how easy it is to create a new product and get it listed to my shop page. Ordering is seamless, so far each order that has been placed in my online shop have been taken care of in a timely matter and with little to no manual action on my part.


Needless to say, Google is the most influential online review site. Not only do customers tend to put a lot of stock in Google reviews, but these reviews are also highly visible, appearing directly on the Google Search Engine Results Page. Some notes about Google reviews:

  • Google uses a five-star rating scale.
  • While Google is essential for its influence and its SEO impact, it’s important to note that it’s the broadest of review platforms. It’s not as narrowly-focused on specific industries, like Trustpilot and G2 are. As such, it’s usually best to balance Google rankings with ratings from more niche review platforms.
Catherine Perry
Catherine PerryEtsy Seller
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The customer service is unbeatable for a print on demand shop. They worked with me to make sure my product came out looking right and reached out when they spotted any potential printing issues with my designs so we could fix it quickly. I'm very happy to know that they're taking such care in their craft.


Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world with over 15% of total e-commerce share globally.  We mention Shopify here because of their 3rd party app store of which many of the top print on demand providers have native apps.  Gooten is proud to be a Shopify Plus certified app partner.  

Arcana Trove
Arcana TroveShopify Partner
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Fantastic service, hassle-free shopify integration, received decent support over email. One of the very few woven product suppliers with a seamless automatic setup.
Natural Vibes
Natural VibesShopify Partner
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I’ve yet to come across a store that has as much of a selection of items as Gooten. Plus, they frequently update the catalogue which allows me to stay up to date with the latest trends.

For Print on Demand Sellers, Reviews are a Big Deal

Anyone who sells e-commerce products knows just how impactful online reviews can be. Your customer feedback can truly be make-or-break, which is why it’s so critical to choose a print on demand partner who can help you maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. That’s where Gooten comes in. We’re proud to have an average review score that surpasses our competitors, making us one of the most trusted names in print on demand manufacturing and order fulfillment. We’d love to talk further about our high standards; reach out to Gooten at any time.