Secure Your Business With A Multi-Source Print On Demand Model

by Gooten Editorial Team on May 10, 2021

During our webinar last week, Maddy Alcala, VP of Business Development, discusses with Mark Kapczynski, CMO, the benefits of migrating your growing business to Gooten. She explains how outgrowing your existing single-source print on demand provider could mean trouble for your business if you don’t take action!

Want to learn how to secure your business with a multi-source PoD model? Check out the full video below!

Key Takeaways

1. When to consider switching or adding providers

  • Capacity & Scale: You started small, but your orders have exploded and your local provider or basic PoD application partner can’t keep up.
  • Economics: The provider you’re working with doesn’t offer volume-based pricing plans or isn’t willing to invest in your business as your grow.
  • Risk Mitigation: You’re working with a single production facility or manufacturer and face capacity and lack of redundancy.
  • Service & Partnership: You’re bigger and have more sophisticated support & account management needs that a chat bot or low-level account representative can’t adequately service.
  • New Capabilities & Markets: You’re in search of new products or capabilities to support your business that your current provider doesn’t offer.

2. What to consider when switching or adding providers

  • Find a company that values and treats your business like your own
  • Ensure the economics of the partnerships represent the value gained
  • Receive quick and effective responses to resolve issues
  • Has the ability to efficiently operate and scale order processing 
  • Has the product catalog breadth & depth and geographic reach

3. So you've decided to switch, now what?

  1. Order samples to confirm product selection
  2. Confirm and test store integration
  3. Create a production listing mapper and migration sequence plan
  4. Hire and allocate resources from designers, product data entry, to developers
  5. Migrate 2-3 listings and roundtrip test
  6. Migrate entire store & QA