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Sustainability in the Apparel Print on Demand World

by Gooten Editorial Team on Mar. 25, 2021

During our first FB Live this week, Gooten’s CMO, Mark Kapczynski, chatted with Marshall Atkinson, Founder of ShirtLab, around the topic of sustainability in the apparel Print on Demand world.

With over 15 years of experience coaching eCommerce businesses on the best sustainable practices, Marshall always emphasizes the notion that sustainability isn’t just about being green—but it’s a movement that touches multiple aspects of a business. Want to learn more about what sustainability means and how your brand can lean into more sustainable practices across your entire supply chain? Watch their chat below!

Key Takeaways

Green isn't a color, it's a movement.

How do you adopt a holistic sustainable mindset in your Print on Demand business model? Being environmentally friendly doesn't just apply to how sustainable your products are, it also takes into account how you do business such as how much waste you produce or even what your company's energy usage is.

Start with your "Why."

In order to ensure you meet your goals, first ask yourself why are you interested in being sustainable? Is it because you are concerned with the environmental conditions or is it about optimizing your costs or maybe your customers are demanding it? Whether it's any of those reasons or even all of the above, it is important to gain clarity around your purpose to set yourself up for success.

Take a snapshot of your data.

If you're at the beginning of your sustainability journey, start analyzing your metrics so that you can determine if you're making progress down the line. This will then ultimately help you make changes if you're not hitting your sustainability goals.