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The Benefits of Redundancy in Gooten’s Network

by Gooten Editorial Team on Apr. 3, 2020

Especially during a global pandemic, it’s important to anticipate shifts in a manufacturing network to prevent any interruptions to your business. Our Vendor Team works around the clock — and the globe — keeping up to date on our manufacturers to mitigate any issues that could come about and making sure its taken care of before it’s an issue.

At Gooten, we are always preparing for any circumstances that could affect your business, and creating redundancies in our manufacturing network is a major way we do this. This simply means that a large amount of our product SKUs are available in more than one facility, therefore orders of that product are able to be fulfilled in multiple locations.

Over 5,700 SKUs in our product catalog are redundant, meaning they are shared between 2 or more vendors. In the wake of COVID-19 we’ve amped up our efforts, and are constantly adding more!

The benefits of having these redundancies are not only for staying ahead of facility closures — we’ve highlighted a few more reasons having redundancy benefits you as a Gooten partner:

  • very minimal or no lapse in order fulfillment should one location close — we can seamlessly move order fulfillment to another facility if that happens.
  • different manufacturing locations across the globe with the same product enables quicker turnaround times and better shipping costs for certain products.
  • more vendors = more competitive product pricing — vendors are competing for business, which equals better pricing for our partners.
  • more vendors = better quality — if we find quality issues with one vendor, we can easily route your customer orders to another with better quality.

As a Gooten partner, you have the benefit of a managed network of globally distributed manufacturers without having to manage it yourself.

We don’t want you to have to worry about rushing to find a new manufacturer if one isn’t able to fulfill orders, piles of inventory to keep track of, or shipping around the world — that’s our job! And we’re happy to do it.