The Best Free & Paid Tools to Discover Print on Demand Trends

by Gooten Editorial Team on Jan. 6, 2023

Due to their nimble nature, print on demand sellers are uniquely poised to exploit Internet meme culture, providing custom products and on-demand apparel that capture current trends. The problem with trends is that they tend to come and go pretty quickly, which means it can be difficult to know what’s hot and what’s not.

The good news for print on demand sellers is that there are a number of tools that can aid in the discovery of trends, including a combination of free and paid tools. Here are a few tools that come Gooten-approved.

Top Tools for Discovering Print on Demand Trends

1) Google Trends

Google Trends belongs at the top of our list for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s free, meaning there’s no risk for print on demand sellers to try it out. And second, it’s a powerful software solution for monitoring keywords and search terms. Basically, Google Trends helps you determine what words, phrases, and topics your customers are searching for, which can be important insight into how to engage them.

Google Trends is a must for optimizing your print on demand store, but also for generating timely content and design ideas.

2) YouTube Trending Topics

When it comes to content creation, YouTube has long been the king of the mountain. It should come as no surprise, then, that YouTube offers its own set of tools for monitoring online trends.

You can often tell a lot about current online trends simply by spending some time on the YouTube homepage. There’s also a trends tool, which highlights a more objective overview of what’s trending on the platform at any given moment. You can even dig into subcategories, like music or gaming, if you want to hone in on a more specific audience.

3) Pinterest Trends

Most print on demand sellers already have Pinterest on their radar. After all, Pinterest is one of the central online hubs for DIY inspiration and design suggestions. Naturally, it’s a good place to look when you’re seeking fresh ideas for your custom products and on-demand apparel.

Next time you visit Pinterest, take a few minutes to explore the Trends of the Week. You might also look into Pinterest Predicts, a somewhat quirky but nevertheless useful tool that forecasts some trends that may be big in the coming months. Head to Pinterest to see the future.

4) SEM Rush

When you’re ready to advance into some paid tools, SEM Rush should be at the top of your list.

SEM’s Market Explorer Tool lets you see a visual overview of current market trends within any selected country, helping you zero in on audience demographics, key competitors, and more. And then there’s Traffic Analysis, an SEM Rush tool that provides insight into the interests, topics, and trends that generate online traffic… both to your print on demand shop, and to competitor stores.

Both tools can be invaluable for sizing up current trends, seeking inspiration and opportunities to gain a competitive advantage.

5) Other Tools for Identifying Online Trends

We’ve summarized a few of our favorite trend-spotting tools, but there are countless others that are worth considering. Some additional examples include:

  • Google Trends for YouTube
  • Instagram Trends
  • Twitter Trending Topics
  • TikTok
  • Google Analytics


Explore a few of these tools, and find the ones that are most useful for your own trend monitoring efforts.

Print on Demand is All About Niche Marketing

Ultimately, monitoring trends is important because it gives you a way to explore what different audiences and groups are interested in at any given moment… and at the end of the day, successful print on demand selling is all about niche marketing, connecting with an audience and earning their trust for repeat purchases.

Keep tabs on current trends to guide your print on demand designs, including custom products and on-demand apparel. And with any further questions about effective print on demand marketing, reach out to Gooten.

It’s our pleasure to support our print on demand partners, not just by recommending niche marketing tools but also by offering print on demand fulfillment options. Contact us today to discuss the benefits of a Gooten partnership.