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The Best Summer Decor Products for Decks and Patios

by Gooten Editorial Team on May 23, 2023

Summer means different things to different people. For some, it means long afternoons lounging poolside. For others, it means popsicles, shaved ice, and fresh-cut watermelon. And for many, it involves lots of time spent in the sunshine, soaking up seasonal cheer on the deck, porch, or patio.

As such, one way for print on demand sellers to get ready for the season is by stocking their inventory with lots of summer decor products. The Gooten team has a number of high-quality and customizable items that are just right for this time of the year. Consider just a few of our top recommendations.

Custom Home Decor Products, Just in Time for Summer

Outdoor Floor Mats

When you’re enjoying the summer sun, there tends to be a lot of traffic between the inside of your home and the exterior living area. Our outdoor floor mats provide durable and stylish ways to minimize the dirt and debris that gets tracked into your home.

Woven Blankets

Among their numerous benefits, Gooten’s woven blankets can function as outdoor furniture covers. They work well in almost any outdoor living area, and can be placed over an armchair, chaise, bench, modular sofa, or loveseat.

Woven Placemats

Woven placemats can help keep your child’s dinner area clean, or they can provide a burst of style and color when you have guests over to eat with you. The woven placemats we offer at Gooten work equally well for indoor and outdoor dining areas, making them perfect options for summer.

Body Pillows

Much like our woven blankets, Gooten’s body pillows suit a number of outdoor living setups, from loveseats to oversized wicker chairs. Of course, they can also be the perfect accompaniment for a good summer nap… whether that’s inside or out!


Crafted from Masonite and cork, our bestselling coasters will hold up against both hot and cold drinks while retaining any pattern or print you can think of. That’s all thanks to the no-fade ink and to our overall high standards of quality here at Gooten. These coasters make an excellent add-on to any outdoor living space.

White Tumbler with Straw

Stay hydrated even while you soak up the sun or simply lounge in the shade. With our white tumbler, you can always have a nice, cool drink close at hand. These are also great for traveling, as they will keep your drink cold for a good long while.

Stemless Wine Tumblers

Always have drinkware ready when guests come to hang out or when you simply want to enjoy the company of one—yourself! These stemless wine tumblers are made of stainless steel and are totally BPA and lead-free.

Yoga Mats

A lot of folks love to do yoga, meditate, or simply enjoy some light exercise outdoors, especially in the morning or evening. Our yoga mats make it easy to enjoy your time outdoors, and of course they can be easily rolled up and transported to the gym or the studio.

Outdoor Pillows

Our outdoor pillows are popular for a couple of reasons: Not only can they add color and style to an otherwise muted outdoor space, but they also increase the comfort of any piece of outdoor furniture. Of course, our outdoor pillows provide ample opportunity to add your own design work.

Dog Beds

Let’s not forget that the summer sun takes its toll on your four-legged friends, who may need some extra nap time to keep up with their brisk outdoor activity. While you’re at it, why not supplement your Gooten custom dog beds with some of our pet bowls, ensuring proper hydration even for the furry members of the family.

Stock Up for Summer

The summer season can be lucrative and exciting for print on demand sellers, especially those that stock up on fun outdoor living selections. Gooten is happy to help, providing a rich assortment of custom products that make summer all the more enjoyable.

Questions about any of these products, or about adding them to your current print on demand offerings? We’re always happy to chat. Reach out to the Gooten print on demand team at any time!