Print on Demand Audience Building

The Importance of Audience Building for Print on Demand

by Gooten Editorial Team on Mar. 17, 2022

It goes without saying that your business needs to attract customers. That much could be said of any business. But for print on demand companies, simply bringing in customers may not be sufficient. To ensure long-term business growth, what print on demand companies really need is to build an audience.

What exactly is audience development, though? What makes it so essential for print on demand and e-commerce fulfillment companies? And how can you build the right kind of audience for your print on demand products? In this post, the Gooten team will address all these questions and more.

What is Audience Building?

To begin with, how do we define the concept of audience building?

Simply put, audience building is the process of defining, attracting, engaging, sustaining, and growing a group of readers, viewers, or customers. In other words, these are not just folks who have bought one of your products. Rather, the members of your audience are regularly engaged with your brand and/or your print on demand products, consuming content via social media, videos, email marketing, and more.

Bringing in individual customers is obviously important, but by developing a faithful audience, you can potentially generate recurring income, inspire brand ambassadorship, and create a reliable base for growing your print on demand business.

Why Audience Building Matters for Print on Demand Companies?

Historically, the concept of audience building has primarily been associated with television networks, who coveted loyal viewerships from diverse demographics.

But now, in the era of content marketing and digital outreach, every company is essentially a publisher. Print on demand companies are no exception. As you seek to increase the sales of your print on demand products (and to make certain you have a built-in audience when new products are launched), it’s important that you have customers who are also eager to share your content and recommend your products to others.

Another advantage of having an audience is that it makes it easier for you to gather information and analytics about the people who are shopping at your store, reading your newsletters, and following you on social media. This information can be invaluable to you as you seek to clarify your messaging and optimize your marketing efforts.

How to Build an Audience for Your Print on Demand Business

The bottom line: audience development is integral to the success of your print on demand and e-commerce fulfillment business. The question is, how do you go about it? Consider some general guidelines for building your audience.

Start By Defining Your Current Audience

A good place to begin is by clarifying exactly who your current audience consists of. Tools like Google Analytics can provide key insights into questions like who’s visiting your print on demand website; who’s converting; which keywords are attracting visitors; and more.

Develop Content

It’s impossible to develop an audience without creating engaging content. The information you gleaned in step #1 can be invaluable here. For instance, the keywords that bring people to your website indicate the types of topics your audience is interested in. Based on what you know about your audience, develop the right types of content as well as the most effective content distribution channels.

Remember: Audience-Building is About Trust

It’s important to keep in mind the central distinctions between attracting customers and sustaining an audience. Simply put, it’s not enough to go for the quick sale. Instead, you need to show your audience members they can trust you. This means being consistent in developing valuable content, and dedicated to a positive user experience every step of the way.

These are just some of the basics of defining, building, and ultimately maintaining a robust audience for your print on demand business.

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