Using Product Personalization to Enhance Your Print on Demand Store

by Gooten Editorial Team on Nov. 17, 2022

During the holiday shopping season, customers are all on a quest to find the perfect gift. Sometimes, that means getting something with a personal touch. That’s something you can provide at your print on demand store, potentially elevating the desirability of your products and generating increased traffic during this all-important season.

In this post, we’ll share a bit more about the benefits of product personalization and explain how Gooten’s workflow is a logical choice for print on demand sellers looking to optimize their wares for the holiday 2022 shopping season.

What is Product Personalization?

First things first: When we talk about product personalization, exactly what are we talking about?

Product personalization refers to any apparatus with which your customers can directly alter or modify a product before buying it, thereby customizing it to suit their needs (or, in the case of holiday shoppers, the needs of their intended recipient). In the context of print on demand products, personalization might entail:

  • Creating festive ornaments with the customer’s name on it.
  • Designing framed prints with images of pets, homes, or cherished memories.
  • Creating a throw pillow for a child with that child’s favorite animal on it.

Basically, product personalization means your shoppers can take one of your standard print on demand products and inject a little bit of their personality into it.

Why Does Product Personalization Matter?

Product personalization can be extremely beneficial to print on demand merchants, particularly around the holiday season. Some advantages include:

  • It builds loyalty. When consumers personalize a product, they’re no longer passive; they’re active consumers, actually engaged in the process of building their product. This raises the stakes and heightens their investment in the product.
  • It generates word-of-mouth buzz. Product personalization can create a sense of novelty, which in turn leads to more word-of-mouth advertising and customer-to-customer recommendations.
  • It offers enticing gift options. Sometimes, finding the perfect gift can be hard. Where a throw pillow may seem a little impersonal or nondescript, a personalized throw pillow makes it easy to show how much you know and care about the recipient.

All of this is just to say that product personalization can help you grow your print on demand customer base, not just during the holiday 2022 shopping season but beyond.

How Does Gooten Enable Product Personalization?

As you consider options to add product personalization to your print on demand store, make sure you think about the Gooten workflow. Our team has simplified and automated the back-end fulfillment process for personalized products, which can spare our partners countless hours of manual data entry. Our workflow also minimizes the risk of human error, meaning customers receive the right order to the right place.

The Process

Our product personalization workflow can be summarized in four simple steps:

  1. The customer places their order.
  2. The designer makes the artwork.
  3. The merchant uploads that artwork.
  4. At Gooten, our team then takes over by fulfilling, producing, tracking, and shipping that order to the customer.


The Advantages

A few additional upsides to note:

  • Gooten automatically fulfills the entire order; all you need to do is upload a file containing the personalized artwork.
  • Setup is simple and easy, with no API or custom integration required.
  • Our fast and straightforward workflow makes it possible for you to devote more time to growing your print on demand business.


Finally, note that Gooten proudly partners with top-of-the-line apps and tools, including the Shopify app Customily. This makes it simple to sell more personalized products from your print on demand store.

Add Product Personalization for Holiday 2022

This holiday season, you’ll need every advantage to boost sales and generate new customers. Product personalization may be just the thing to take your print on demand business to the next level, and to empower your shoppers to give truly thoughtful, original gifts. At Gooten, we’d like to help you achieve these goals through a simple and intuitive product personalization workflow, plus great apps and tools like Customily.

Ready to find out more about adding product personalization to your print on demand store? Connect with Gooten today!