Why Good Design Matters for Your Print on Demand Business

by Gooten Editorial Team on Sep. 29, 2022

What does it take to make your print on demand company successful?

There are many different ways to answer that question. One of the most common responses we hear is that print on demand companies need to focus on a niche. For example, we have clients who focus on providing wedding gifts for bridesmaids, who produce renaissance pet portraits, or who deliver custom boating apparel. All of that’s very well and good; indeed, narrowing your audience to a core niche can be smart and business savvy.

And yet, identifying your niche is not in itself sufficient for print on demand success. It’s equally important to ensure that your products are design-forward. To put it even more simply, your custom apparel and other products need to look good.

Why does design matter so much? To explain, we’d like to highlight a case study, featuring one of our own clients. The Geo Project has been working with Gooten for a while now, and their Etsy-turned-Shopify store is a prime example of the difference good designs can make.

The Geo Project: A Case Study

Here’s a quick summary of the path The Geo Project took to becoming a bestselling print on demand merchant.

The Challenge

Mike, a long-time graphic designer, always wanted to open his own eCommerce store. His goal from the very beginning was to feature thoughtful product design and a superior brand experience. He did a little work researching untapped niches and landed on an idea to highlight map- and travel-related work. His particular focus was on the U.S. National Parks system.

But how could he translate his winsome design ideas and savvy niche into print on demand success? For the answer, he turned to our team here at Gooten.

The Solution

Mike christened his eCommerce store The Geo Project and launched it with Gooten as the primary print on demand fulfillment partner.

This turned out to be a match made in heaven, as Gooten is more than happy to handle all the logistics involved with supply chain management, order fulfillment, and product production. That leaves Mike with all the time he needs to focus on the thing he loves most, and the thing that truly makes The Geo Project special: Outstanding original artwork and designs.

Also note that, because Mike doesn’t have to produce or maintain huge product inventories, he is able to quickly and nimbly test out new design ideas without making any big capital investment. This allows Mike to keep his designs fresh, and to augment his professional advantage.

The Result

By partnering with Gooten and channeling his attention into creating fresh-looking designs, Mike was able to realize some incredible results:

  • He saved considerable time and money based on the fact that he didn’t have to purchase any inventory that may not have sold.
  • He was able to launch a portfolio of 10 outstanding products right from the get-go.
  • Within a year’s time, The Geo Project became a five-figure business.
  • Thanks to Gooten’s high standards of production quality, Mike’s business maintains a perfect five-star rating.
  • He became a coveted “Best Seller” on Etsy before ultimately evolving into a Shopify store.

Putting Design First for Holiday 2022

What The Geo Project proves is that great design, combined with the right niche, can be a winning recipe for success. And, partnering with a print on demand fulfillment partner like Gooten enables you to keep design as your primary focus.

Design-forward work will be especially important as we head into holiday 2022, and as more and more shoppers turn to eCommerce platforms to find custom prints, custom apparel, custom canvas wraps, print on demand wall art, and more. Simply put, finding your niche among holiday shoppers won’t be enough to provide a competitive edge. To stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to offer customers brilliant design work that exceeds what they can find elsewhere.

We’d love to help. As you plan for holiday 2022 success, make sure you have the right print on demand fulfillment partner in your corner. Contact Gooten today to learn how we can help you save time and money, enjoy a strong reputation among customers, and ultimately succeed on the basis of your original designs.