Why Value Added Services are Important for Your Print on Demand Business

by Gooten Editorial Team on Sep. 8, 2022

Today’s consumers are savvier than they’ve ever been. Indeed, most shoppers are prepared to do their due diligence as they scout out potential products, comparing different merchants and ensuring they get the utmost value. If you run a print on demand business, it’s pivotal that you deliver that value, establishing real distinction over your competition.

One way to do this is by providing your buyers with value added services. Value added services are especially impactful around the holiday shopping season, when they can help your print on demand business stand out in a crowded field, earning business over your competitor.

But what are value added services? And how can your business provide them? Here are a few insights to help you prepare for holiday 2022.

What are Value Added Services?

The definition of a value added service is really pretty simple: It’s all about providing your customer with a product or service (for example, custom apparel), then adding something to it in order to make the product or service even more valuable. Think of it as a way to enhance your custom apparel, making it more enticing to potential customers.

In the case of your print on demand business, value added services might include anything that makes the product more convenient to purchase, or that imbues the product with value that your competitors can’t necessarily match. Value added services can give your print on demand business the edge you need for holiday 2022… but how exactly can you add value to your existing product or service?

Enhancing Your Products for Holiday 2022

One answer? Find a print on demand partner who can help you enhance your current product portfolio. At Gooten, we are pleased to showcase a range of value added services for our partners.

Here are just a few ways in which Gooten can help you spruce up your product line and gain a competitive edge.

White Label Customer Support

What happens if you have a customer who has a hard time processing their order, or who has an issue with a product they’ve received? Frankly, most print on demand businesses are just too small to have any kind of in-house customer support structure. But where does that leave your customers?

Gooten is proud to offer white label customer support, which effectively just means you can outsource your customer support needs to our team. We’re happy to address any problems your customers have, representing your print on demand business.

Given the number of print on demand sellers who can’t offer any kind of customer support, this is a significant value added service, potentially making your customer experience much richer and smoother.


Gooten is also here to source trending or profitable products on your behalf, helping you find smart additions to your print on demand catalog just in time for holiday 2022.

We have an entire merchandising team dedicated to adding new products and removing unprofitable or out-of-style items from the catalog.

This is a great way for you to optimize the products you offer your customers for the holiday shopping season; and again, it can be an important way to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Custom Labels

Sometimes, it can be hard to distinguish one print on demand manufacturer from another. This isn’t necessarily a problem, but it does mean that customers buy products solely on the basis of the designs they see, not necessarily because they feel any affinity for a particular seller or brand.

One way to change that, and to make your products feel truly special, is to include a custom label in each one. At Gooten, we can place custom neck labels in your custom apparel, lending your products a real sense of distinction.

Partner with Gooten for Holiday 2022

The holiday shopping season presents print on demand sellers with incredible opportunity, but also massive amounts of competition. To stand out from the crowd, you’ll want to fortify your custom apparel and other products with as much value as possible.

That’s something Gooten can help with, but the time to start planning and strategizing is now. To have a successful holiday season, contact our team today!