How Custom Woven Products are Made

by Gooten Editorial Team on Jun. 13, 2024

How We Make Woven Products

The process of creating custom woven products involves the use of solid-colored yarn in combination with black and white yarn in the warp and weft of the weave. The method and colors used in our on-demand products is able to generate  195 possible color combinations, allowing us to capture the varied hues needed for your custom image or design.

Essentially, we can produce any design  that is achievable through a combination of the primary colors, including red, yellow, and blue but also green and gold yarns. While neons or “hot” colors are challenging to print, there is still a pretty expansive palette available for our partners.

If a partner submits t an image with intense or neon tones, our system will select the color that most closely matches. The same holds true for gradients, where we can often approximate the subtleties of a particular color range, even if we cannot capture it exactly.

It’s also important to note that woven products use stitches, not pixels, which means the final woven result will not look exactly like its digital source. For this reason, we encourage our partners  to cut back on the saturation of reds and greens on the product preview image and decrease the artwork’s resolution to 12 dpi before making any further changes to it.

One final note is that Gooten’s woven pillows and tapestries use finer stitching, which means they are better-suited for capturing detail. Woven blankets use a slightly larger yarn size along with a looser weave, which makes for a more comfortable product but only allows for a moderate level of detail.

How to Design Images for Woven Products

As you consider the types of images that translate to woven products, there are a few recommendations we’d make. Some general guidelines include:


  • Focus on high-contrast primary colors, which tend to result in the crispest images.
  • Stay away from neons and fluorescents.
  • Steer clear of large gradient color images in the background of your images.
  • Try to use large, bold text and design elements.
  • Start with a smaller sample order to make sure the woven output is a close match to your original image.

Learn More About Woven Products from Gooten

The bottom line: Woven products can be a very special, deeply personal addition to your e-commerce store. We’re pleased to offer woven pillows, blankets, and tapestries here at Gooten, and are always happy to talk more about our process. Reach out to Gooten at your convenience!