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Trend Alert! Custom Pet Gifts for Print on Demand Stores

by Gooten Editorial Team on Jul. 24, 2023

Many shoppers turn to print on demand stores to procure unique, custom gifts for the people they love the most. 

These gift recipients include not just parents, spouses, and blood relatives but also non-human companions; in other words—pets.

Indeed, pet owners make up a sizable consumer demographic. 

Recent statistics indicate that around two-thirds of all U.S. households own at least one pet, with Americans spending around $136.8 billion on pet products last year alone.

Pet Owner Stats 2023

Pet owners typically enjoy close bonds with their four-legged friends and seldom need much coaxing to invest in custom food bowls, blankets, and other supplies.

For trendy print on demand brands, particularly those with an animal focus, Gooten provides a wide range of custom pet gifts. 

We invite you to consider adding some of these print on demand pet products to your shop, allowing you to delight your audience’s dog and cat lovers.

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Explore Print on Demand Pet Products from Gooten

Gooten’s pet products section offers five basic product staples: collars, bandanas, dog beds, pet bowls, and pet placemats.

Gooten Selection of Print on Demand Pet Products

Gooten's Print on Demand Pet Products

If you're looking to unlock a new revenue stream, Gooten has you covered with our pet products!


Our custom dog collars come in two sizes: small and large. 

They’re made from high-quality polyester to ensure long-term durability and offer plenty of room for customization. 

Custom dog collars are a must for any store catering to pet owners!


Our custom pet gifts also include beautiful bandanas, allowing dog owners to provide their four-legged companions with vibrant, stylish apparel. 

Our pet bandanas are machine washable, extremely durable, and made with high-quality hemmed edges.

Dog Beds

Our customizable dog beds provide pups everywhere with a stylish, comfortable, and long-lasting place to lay their heads. 

We proudly use bed materials that resist mold and mildew, with soft, snuggly fleece and easy-to-remove covers.


Our inventory of print on demand pet gifts wouldn’t be complete without these remarkable ceramic bowls

Large and small sizes are available, and pet owners can easily print their pup’s name on the front of the bowl, along with a desired image or design.


The Gooten catalog also boasts these lovely pet placements, which can turn any floor into a non-slip surface while making spills incredibly easy to wipe up. 

These placemats are entirely customizable and can be either cleaned with a cloth and mild soap or thrown into the washing machine.

Additional Custom Pet Gifts from Gooten

In addition to these pet-specific products, Gooten also provides a host of other ideas for the enterprising Etsy or Shopify store owner. 

With the appropriate customization, these products can all fit well with the pet theme.

Offer Personalized Products to Your Customers!

Make the most out of Gooten's personalization capabilities.

Minky Blankets

Our Minky blanket provides ultra-plush softness and endless warmth, providing the coziest canvas to depict a four-legged friend, a turtle, or even a parrot!


Our custom aprons are ideally suited for devoted doggo moms and pops who are well-versed in coming up with culinary wonders.

Bella + Canvas 3200

Check out this crew neck baseball tee, a great gift option for those outdoors dog owners who like to treat their beloved familiars with a day in the park or an afternoon at the lake.

Acrylic Square Magnets, Premium Puzzles, and Wall Calendars

Talk about the perfect triple-gift combo! A customized, pet-themed magnet, puzzle, or calendar is just the thing for animal enthusiasts everywhere.

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And Now, a Special Treat for You - The Beloved Pets of Gooten!

Gooten is not just a technology and fulfillment company and a print on demand SaaS brand. 

We are also an assembly of human animals, consistently aiming to emit the right messages to the world. 

One of those messages is also the crucial element of life – unconditional love

That is precisely how we will describe the following segment.

We wanted to break off from pure print on demand and eCommerce chat and showcase our source of passion behind bringing you the best custom pet product selection in the industry in 2023.

Please, meet some of the Gooten’s honorable pets! 

They’re the creatures Gooteneers love to love; they bring us joy all year round; we all participate in keeping up with their merry lives as we would with any other loved ones.

So, share the joy with us and enjoy!

Hi there! I am Bender, a mix of Golden and Labrador Retrievers (aka best of both worlds). I am two years old (could you believe?), and I come to you from Colombia!

Introducing: Buddy, the hedgehog! I'm three years old and I live up north, in Canada. Betcha you expected nothing but dogs and cats! *sniff-sniff*

Nana. Two years young. From Serbia, if one must know. The purrr-leasure is all mine.

I'm Dragica, the little darling of Gooten and beyond. I'm from Serbia but I live on cloud nine. Spot my 2.5 years of class!

This cute nine-month-old petunia is Maya. She greets you from Colombia and would happily welcome petting behind the ears. Did we mention she's cute?

I go by many names, but you may call me Simba! From the lion's rock on my couch, I climb to greet you. I'm two years old, and I come from Serbia.

Make way for the most seasoned furball among our merry bunch - Leon, the Huskey! From Serbia—born and raised—he has melted the hearts of his family members and neighbors for seven years now.