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Explore Custom Products with Gooten [+Personalization Tips]

by Gooten Editorial Team on Apr. 27, 2023

One of the reasons for print on demand’s continued success is the ability to offer custom products, personalized apparel, and unique gifts. Simply put, shoppers don’t have to settle for the same-old same-old. They can customize products to meet their needs, whether adding some personality to an item for themselves or bringing a sentimental touch to a gift for someone else.

As we’ve noted before, product personalization can be a powerful way to enhance your Shopify or Etsy store and increase your print on demand sales.

Here at Gooten, we boast proprietary artwork customization technology, truly a must-have for any print on demand store. It’s especially impactful for stores offering custom wall art, as our case study clarifies.

But how does the Gooten print on demand artwork customization technology actually work? And what other customization options do we offer to our partners? Let’s take a closer look!

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How to Create Custom Products via Gooten

To create custom products or custom wall art, there are just a few simple steps that our partners need to take.

Gooten's Custom Products and Personalized Services

Enable Hold Items for Personalization for all products

If you’re selling custom products on Etsy or Shopify and using Gooten for automated order fulfillment, follow these steps to enable product personalization at all your connected stores.

  • Connect your store to Gooten.
  • Go to the Settings page, then select Fulfillment.
  • In the Hold Items for Personalization section, click the “enabled” option.
  • Create or sync existing products via the Product Hub for your eCommerce store.
  • As custom product orders start flowing in, you can monitor them from the Orders page in the Gooten admin.
  • Note that product personalization will only work if your account is set to immediate fulfillment.

Enable Hold Items for Personalization for select products

Following the steps outlined above will automatically send all orders to the NeedsPersonalization status.

But what if you only wish to enable personalization for specific products?

  • Following the steps above, ensure that this time you select “disabled” in the Hold Items for Personalization section.
  • Then go to the Product Hub to select the items you want to set aside for personalization. After selecting each of the products, enable the Personalized option.

Check out this guide for a full explanation of how custom products work with Gooten automated order fulfillment.

Other Personalized Services We Offer at Gooten

These product personalization features are just the beginning. Consider a few additional services we offer our Gooten print on demand partners.

Customized Packing Slips

We make it easy for our merchants to create customized messaging on packing slips, resulting in a consistent branding experience that customers will notice!

Branded Neck Labels

We also offer customized neck labels for our most popular apparel products, allowing you to create a genuine boutique brand experience.

Email Notifications

Gooten print on demand partners can provide customers with order and shipping notifications, including personalized brand messaging in each email.

Why Does Product Customization Matter?

We can’t overstate the importance of product personalization for enhancing your print on demand store. Consider just some of the reasons why offering custom products matters:

  • It creates brand loyalty. When consumers personalize a product, they become active participants in order fulfillment. This heightens their investment in the purchase and builds loyalty toward your brand.
  • It turns your customers into brand advocates. Product personalization can create a sense of novelty, which may also spawn more customer-to-customer recommendations and referrals.
  • It offers compelling gift options. Sometimes, finding the perfect gift can be close to impossible. Where a throw pillow may seem a little impersonal or bland, a personalized throw pillow makes it easy to show how much you care about the gift recipient.
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Learn More About Personalization with Gooten Print on Demand

The bottom line? Product personalization is a crucial way to help your print on demand store stand out, and it’s something Gooten can offer through its proprietary technology.

Whether you’re looking for custom wall art or personalized apparel options, we encourage you to check out our catalog. And don’t hesitate to contact Gooten with any questions about the product personalization process.