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How OneLive launched a global print-on-demand solution for the sports and entertainment industries, powered by Gooten

by Gooten Editorial Team on Jun. 10, 2020

OneLive is an eCommerce agency that works in the sports, music and entertainment space. They teamed up with Gooten in 2019 to provide a scalable and powerful print-on-demand technology platform for over 1,200 Shopify Plus retail merch stores, including the likes of the L.A. Lakers, KISS, Willie Nelson, and Zac Brown Band.

Before Gooten, OneLive was navigating a complicated web of disparate print-on-demand providers with no single platform to manage all of their stores and orders. Their goal was to find a way for their clients to easily access a high-quality, global network of print-on-demand manufacturing and for the OneLive team to have the tools they needed to support more stores and more clients. After many years of trial and error on the road to finding the right partner, OneLive came to Gooten, the technology & fulfillment solution they knew would make their growth goals possible.

The search for a single print-on-demand solution

Having already fulfilled hundreds of thousands of music merch orders across nearly every print-on-demand provider in the space, and even attempting to build a PoD solution in-house, the OneLive team finally decided to outsource. They wanted to work with a single print-on-demand company that could allow them to scale their quickly growing business and were evaluating potential partners across three main categories:

  • Competitive product pricing for their clients
  • Reduced shipping costs through smart order routing
  • No order minimums or upfront investment for any products
  • Reliable, easy-to-use order management platform
  • Seamless integration with Shopify
  • Ability to create & publish products in seconds
  • Single platform for scalable accounting practices
  • Industry-leading print quality
  • Ability to accommodate high volumes and expand production capacity
  • Easy access to a vetted network of global, on-demand manufacturers

“I just wanted a partner who was going to make it easier to scale. Gooten works because we are a dispersed company and it simplified management of our clients' business. They reduce the elements of complexity.”


The OneLive + Gooten partnership

After a lengthy search, interviewing company after company, OneLive came to Gooten in early 2019. Gooten delivered the OneLive team a best-in-class solution that combined the competitive pricing and fulfillment power they needed with the technology platform set-up to scale management of 1,200+ Shopify stores.

In just the first few months following OneLive’s initial deployment of Gooten, they enabled 40+ major musicians and entertainers to add on-demand production through the Gooten network and, by the end 2019, had over 200+ clients connected.

OneLive has been able to scale their business efficiently and effectively through Gooten’s single product & order management platform, which gives them the ability to consolidate financial reporting and product pricing and gives their clients a simple on-boarding experience, removing the need for multiple applications.

Just as importantly, OneLive’s improved manufacturing, production, and order management structure gives them infinite room for growth, as they bring on new brands and expand the reach of their existing clients

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