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Last-Minute Summer Additions: Grab ‘Em While It Lasts!

by Gooten Editorial Team on Jul. 13, 2023

Many online sellers find that the dog days of summer represent a bit of a slowdown, a fallow period between the blitz of Mother’s Day/Father’s Day and the eventual transition into autumn. 

But that doesn’t have to be true for print on demand sellers. 

With the right strategy, you can entice buyers to add sparkle to their summer, treating themselves to last-minute beach items or seasonal decor.

At Gooten, we invite our print on demand partners to take advantage of eCommerce trends for 2023 via product expansion. 

In this post, we’ll highlight some last-minute product additions to help you stoke interest in summer shopping.

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Summer Products to Boost Print on Demand Sales

Best Summer Products to Sell

At the Beach

One way to enhance summer sales is by providing apparel and supplies for end-of-season beach trippers (along with those who plan their beach trips after Labor Day to beat the crowds). 

Gooten offers several beach-ready summer products, including:

By the Pool

What’s the best way to stay cool as summer winds down? By spending time at the pool, of course!

Help your shoppers rejuvenate their pool time with a few well-chosen, customizable products. 

Carefully picked examples we’ve prepared for you:

  • Stemless Wine Tumblers, a favorite of wine enthusiasts, can keep beverages nice and cool all day.
  • Body Pillows, tailor-made for sunbathing or simply lounging around on a warm day.
  • Clutch Bags are an excellent option for the occasional jaunt out to the neighborhood or the YMCA swimming pool.

Travel and Leisure

Even as summer starts wrapping up, there’s still some time left for travel and leisure. 

Help your shoppers make the most of these last few days before school starts. 

Consider some of these summer shopping selections from Gooten:

  • Phone Cases allow shoppers to keep their devices safe while conveying summer vibes and sunny aesthetics.
  • Tote Bags are equally well-suited for weekend getaways or day-long beach trips.

Capturing the Summer Aesthetic

Gooten is also happy to offer some products to help customers maintain a summer aesthetic all year. 

Some of our favorite examples include:

  • Magnets are a great option for gift shops and for decorating an Airbnb or rental property. We offer a range of high-quality magnets, including metal ones and acrylic square magnets.
  • We also have Canvas Tiles; these can be great summery additions to rental properties, beach houses, mountain cabins, or even home office spaces.
  • Finally, print on demand Scented Candles can be a great way to bring relaxing vibes inside the house.

Summertime, and the Living is Easy

The Best Summer Decor Products for Decks and Patios

Summer means different things to different people. For many, it involves lots of time spent in the sunshine, soaking up seasonal cheer on the deck, porch, or patio.

One final way to capitalize on the season is adding summer-oriented home decor products to your print on demand store.

Allow us to highlight just a couple of product expansion ideas in this category:

  • Our Acrylic Trays allow your shoppers to display original artwork and photographs with a 3D presentation.
  • Blackout Curtains can help homeowners keep the hot morning sun out of their bedroom, ideal for those last few weeks of sleeping in before the fall begins in earnest.
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Take Advantage of Last-Minute Summer Shopping

The summer isn’t over yet, and rather than viewing it as the doldrums, we encourage our print on demand partners to seize the day with last-minute product expansions. 

To find out more about any of these summer products or to talk in detail about partnering with us for print on demand fulfillment, we invite you to contact the Gooten team today.