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The Complete Print on Demand Canvas Guide [+Advice for Digital Artists]

by Gooten Editorial Team on Jun. 13, 2023

When decorating the walls of your home, apartment, or dorm, one of the most straightforward solutions is to get some lovely paintings. Alas, as any collector can tell you, purchasing original works of visual art can be rather pricey and prohibitive to all but the wealthy. And even if you can afford it, identifying the artist whose work you enjoy can be a challenge.

But what if there was an easier and more cost-effective way to get wall art? Enter print on demand canvases! The print on demand method allows artists and designers to make high-quality copies of their original work available to order for a highly reasonable price point. It’s a win for everyone: For buyers who want to purchase paintings and prints without breaking the bank and for artists who want an easy way to monetize their work by making it more widely available.

Print on Demand Wall Art

Let your art flourish without a stroke of a brush!

Find out how one painter-turned-digital artist increased their revenue by 30% using Gooten's print on demand wall art.

At Gooten, we’re proud to make the print on demand wall art easily accessible for our merchant partners throughout the print on demand space. We boast a wide selection of premium canvas options, allowing artists, designers, and photographers to sell their creative endeavors worldwide.

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Why Sell Print on Demand Art Prints?

We recommend that print on demand sellers add original wall hangings to their inventories for several reasons.

Print on Demand Wall Art is a Premium Item

The perceived value of a canvas is relatively high, as it looks and feels much like a fine art painting. This means that most buyers are happy to pay more for a piece of artwork than they would, say, a mug or a keychain. This gives print on-demand sellers more leeway to mark up their canvas prints.

Print on Demand Art Prints Provide Much Creative Opportunity

There’s really no shortage of ideas for print on demand art prints. For example, with this product, you can:

  • Reproduce your personalized art and design work.
  • Create more abstract “home decor” pieces.
  • Give your buyers an option to have family portraits printed.
  • Make pieces with either satirical or inspirational wording and imagery.

There’s virtually no limit to what you can do with a print on demand canvas.

Print on Demand Wall Art is Easy to Market

Another reason to add canvas prints to your store is that there are many ways to market these products. They’re great for college dorm rooms or first-time renters. They make excellent housewarming gifts. They can spruce up new office space and make ideal gifts for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and other major holidays.

Print on Demand Canvases Can Offer Artistic Pride

A final note: Print on demand wall hangings can be a natural source of pride to creatives, as these products offer the chance to have original images and designs produced and displayed just like the beautiful works of art they are. Choosing the canvas options from Gooten is an opportunity for authentic sizes and textures.

About Our Print on Demand Canvas Options

The Gooten catalog includes several canvas options that are worth considering for your print on demand store. Take a look at some of our selections:

Gooten's Print on Demand Canvas Selection

Canvas Tiles

With a glossy finish, these canvas tiles present an easy and durable way to display original works of art.

Framed Traditional Stretched Canvases

This open-backed canvas is designed around a hardwood poplar canvas frame, then finished with an exquisite wood floating frame.

Framed Canvas Wraps

Our framed canvas wraps are digitally printed to ensure the highest quality standards; durable wood frames are included.

Easel Back Canvases

Each of our easel back canvases comes with two convenient display options, including an easel leg and pre-installed hanging hardware.

Canvas Wraps

Our bestseller. These print-on-demand art wraps enable your image to be printed on a solid-faced canvas, manufactured to always remain flat and taut.

Gooten's Print on Demand Canvas Selection

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Explore Print on Demand Canvas Products from Gooten

The bottom line: Canvas prints are a no-brainer for virtually every print on demand store. And Gooten offers an array of choices to help you monetize your original design ideas. Learn more by contacting Gooten today.