How A Painter Turned A Passion Into A Business

Learn how a painter utilized Gooten’s product catalog to monetize art – turning their passion into a profitable career. 



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Case Study
How A Painter Turned An Artistic Passion Into A Profitable Career

Prior to using Gooten, the artist was looking for a way to monetize their artwork. After testing a few manufacturers directly and not being satisfied, the artist found Gooten through the Shopify App Store. Within a few minutes the artist was able to quickly connect their store and experience the seamless fulfillment process, quality products, and top-tier customer service that Gooten provides. 

As an artist, Gooten’s automatic and accurate fulfillment process allowed them to shift their focus back on what was most important to them—creating art. Because Gooten managed the entire back-end logistics process from fulfillment, printing, and shipping, the artist was able to be more creative and try out new designs. 

  • Reduced costs by not wasting money on buying and storing excess inventory
  • Adding one new product increased their revenue by 30%
  • Because Gooten manages all the printing, packing and shipping, they have been able to double their productivity
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