How a Major US Retailer Boosted its PoD Business using OrderMesh

Learn how a this US retailer, partnering with Gooten, used OrderMesh to enhance its print-on-demand business, improving revenue, and expanding its catalog

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Expanding Revenue through Rapid Catalog Expansion Using Gooten’s OrderMesh Technology

A major traditional retailer in the United States faced this challenge in growing their print-on-demand (PoD) business - the cumbersome and resource-intensive process of adding new vendors and products to their online catalog. With limited internal resources, the Print-on-Demand team struggled to prioritize its catalog expansion projects within its larger corporate structure. The Print-On-Demand team was already shorthanded and could not take on lengthy projects such as integrating new vendors, new locations, and new products themselves. 

Gooten, the developer of OrderMesh, partnered with the retailer in Oct 2022, bringing its expertise in PoD, a vast network of vendors, and a deep understanding of the distributed on-demand supply chain. Gooten seamlessly integrated OrderMesh technology with the retailer's existing systems, enabling rapid onboarding of new products and vendors with minimal internal workload. This integration also allowed for flexible shipping upgrades that would let internal teams extend cutoff dates without passing on the increased costs to customers.

The partnership with Gooten and the adoption of OrderMesh led to a substantial increase in gross sales volume across peak and non-peak periods, with an overall annual revenue increase of 38% in 2023 compared to 2022. New product categories were added, representing 15-25% of total revenue by Q3 2023. The retailer also saw impressive conversion rate expansions and increased sales through extended cutoff periods during peak seasons. Operational efficiency improved, with higher SLA attainment and production time well below industry standard.

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