From a Handmade Sign Shop to an Etsy Powerhouse

In a remarkable accomplishment, this specialty brand is projected to reach a six-figure revenue within its first year on Etsy, defying expectations and setting a new standard for rapid success. Keep reading to learn how they do it. 

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Case Study
How a Handmade Sign Shop Transformed into an Etsy Powerhouse

Crown & Oak is a handcrafted sign business that is a labor of love. However, their in-house production was exhausting and impractical. Erik, the founder, approached various PoD providers and quickly discovered that no company possessed all three of his business requirements: competitive pricing, product variety in canvas color and size options, and superior customer support. 

Gooten's seamless order management system and automated fulfillment process took the backend logistics off of his plate and provided him with.

    • High-Quality Accuracy
    • Fast Turnaround Times
    • Dedicated Partnership Manager
    • Product Personalization Workflows
    • Risk-Free Product Testing
    • No Upfront Inventory Expenses

    • Crown & Oak Design Co. holds the coveted "Star Seller" badge on Etsy.
    • Within 10 months of launching their business they are on track to become a 6-figure business by EOY.
    • The partner has more time to dedicate to design, market research, SEO, and customer service.
    • The order processing is much faster for the partner
    • Erik got valuable time back, allowing him to work on their store's SEO and add more designs to drive traffic and revenue.
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