Why You Should Transition Your Print on Demand Needs to Gooten in 2021

by Gooten Editorial Team on Jan. 12, 2021

Did your holiday season not go as well as you expected?

Are you dissatisfied with your current print-on-demand supplier?

Have they had consistent quality issues or frequently missed production windows?

Maybe you had a less than stellar experience with their customer support?

As an eCommerce brand, if you experienced any of the above issues, then you are probably considering switching to a different print-on-demand provider in the new year.

Making the switch is an important decision for your business and one you should not take lightly. The first step is to research other PoD suppliers, understand what they offer, and determine if they are a better fit for your business.

If Gooten is one of the companies you are considering (which we hope is the case!), then check out the five reasons below for why you should trust Gooten with fulfilling your orders and scaling your business in 2021. Don’t just take our word for it—check out what other people have to say about us!

1) Consistent, premium production quality you can rely on

At Gooten, we’re able to consistently deliver quality products and printing because of our extensive vetting process and ongoing quality control checks with every manufacturer in our global network. It’s why we can boast a 1.7% error rate on the over 2.1 million orders we manufactured and fulfilled in 2020.

Even when issues arise, Gooten’s customer support team and dedicated solution consultants are on the case to ensure your customers end up with the right product in hand. On top of that, our manufacturers make the impossible possible for Gooten because we fulfill hundreds of thousands of orders with them monthly. Meaning, we can get items reprinted, expedited, or even sent to a different manufacturer to ensure your business runs smoothly and orders are being fulfilled.

2) Reliable and transparent production & shipping times

In 2020, the eCommerce world experienced unprecedented growth which unfortunately led to supply chain disruptions and shipping delays across all industries. While Gooten wasn’t completely immune from these issues, we were still able to ship 95% of orders on time and maintain strong production and shipping times, averaging 2.8 days to produce and 3.8 days to ship orders.

Unlike other print-on-demand providers who rely on in-house facilities or on single manufacturers, Gooten has a distributed, managed, and global supply chain of 30+ manufacturing partners in 70+ locations. This allows us to carry the same product in the same variants across multiple manufacturers so that we can still fulfill orders even if there are major supply chain disruptions. Even during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to continue manufacturing and fulfilling 98% of incoming orders.

“Gooten is an easy to use service and has fast turnaround times which made it even better! I will definitely use it again.”

- Triberella, Shopify store​

3) Support when you need it most

With over 20+ agents across multiple time zones, Gooten’s customer support team is here for you around the clock to help you resolve requests no matter how big or small. With a less than 72-hour response rate, our support team is dedicated to providing your business with peace of mind when issues arise and ensuring a best-in-class experience.

Our most engaged partners gain access to the Very Important Merchant program (VIM), which is the first-ever loyalty program of its kind in the print-on-demand industry. Gooten’s Pro and Elite VIM status partners are guaranteed <24 and <12 hour first response times and are granted access to escalation paths when issues arise.

“Gooten’s customer service is highly responsive and helpful. Every time I've written, I've gotten a quick and helpful response.”

Jessica L

4) A robust, diverse, and high-quality catalog with 130+ product lines with 15,000+ variants

At the end of the day, Gooten is in the business of manufacturing, fulfilling, and shipping on-demand productsThis is why we pride ourselves on our robust, diverse, and high-quality product catalog. With over 130+ product lines in 15,000+ variants, you don’t have to make trade-offs when it comes to sourcing your store’s product offerings. We offer everything in popular categories like apparel, wall art, and home decor to more niche products such as baby crib sheets, yoga mats, and puzzles.

Top Product Categories


Wall Art

Home Decor

Would you trust a candy factory to make cars? Definitely not. They are two different products that require specific machinery. Similarly, you shouldn’t trust a manufacturer who produces canvas wraps to also print your designs on apparel. Both products have distinct surfaces and materials which require specialized printers and techniques. Contrary to other print-on-demand providers who use the same facility for both wall art and apparel, the manufacturers in the Gooten Network are the experts in their product categories—it’s one of the many reasons why our partners rave about the quality of our products.

“Thanks to Gooten, I've been able to expand my product catalog with items I only dreamt of before. Items such as koozies and yoga mats are perfect examples of the types of products I was desperately trying to provide people with."

- LocoLlama Co.

5) Intuitive, easy to use integrations and technology

Gooten’s best-in-class technology allows you to access a global supply via a single API touchpoint in just a few minutes. Integrate with a popular eCommerce platform like Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce (coming soon!). Or, connect directly through your online business—we pride ourselves on supporting customized, out-of-the-box integrations with online brands, homegrown tools & unique digital platforms.

For eCommerce brands that focus on personalized gifts, we’re proud to be the only print-on-demand company to offer Shopify and Etsy store owners a development-free workflow to quickly personalize on-demand products.

If you’re sick of poor production quality, slow turnaround times, lack of product breadth and ability to add new items, ineffective customer service, and unreliable technology, it might be time to switch your print-on-demand needs to Gooten. With over 100,000+ eCommerce stores and brands that have trusted Gooten to fulfill and produce their orders, your business will be in great company.

Ready to make the switch to Gooten?

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