How The Geo Project Launched a 5-Figure Store In One Year

Check out how this design-centric store became an Etsy Best Seller with Gooten’s high quality print on demand products and top tier customer support. 



Unlike in-house production facilities, there’s no limit to our capacity. We are your single touch-point for a global network of manufacturers.


People make mistakes that Gooten’s automated fulfillment doesn’t — and that means happier customers.


Connect as many stores and platforms to Gooten as you’d like, and monitor all order and shipping updates from one single user-friendly system.

Case Study
How The Geo Project Became an Etsy Best-Selling Merchant

Prior to launching his store with Gooten, Mike, originally a graphic designer, had a desire to launch an eCommerce store where thoughtful product design and brand experience was the focus. After researching profitable and untapped niches, he focused his efforts on map and travel related artwork, particularly with U.S. National Parks. 

Within a few hours, Mike launched The Geo Project with Gooten as his primary on-demand fulfillment provider. Mike takes full advantage of Gooten’s adage “You sell. We fulfill.” Because Gooten manages all aspects of the supply chain process from fulfillment to production to shipping, he is able to focus on what he loves most: design and marketing.

As a no-inventory required solution, he is able to easily and quickly test new products and designs without any additional capital investment, enhancing his competitive advantage. 

  • Saved time and money on not having to purchase inventory that may not have sold
  • Added 10 new products within first launching his store
  • Quickly became a 5-figure business within one year
  • Maintained 5-star rating with Gooten’s quality print production
  • Became a coveted “Best Seller” Etsy merchant 
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