Etsy Registry

Make Etsy Registry Work for Your Print on Demand Business

by Gooten Editorial Team on Aug. 8, 2023

At Gooten, we empower our print on demand sellers to offer personalized products for various occasions. 

Think birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day… The list goes on and on.

And what about weddings?

Custom gifts can be an exemplary way to celebrate a happy couple on their big day. 

It just so happens that there’s a new platform ideally suited for custom wedding gifts. It’s called the Etsy Wedding Registry, and it provides a golden opportunity for our print on demand sellers.

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How to Use Etsy Wedding Registry: Table of Contents

What is Etsy Registry?

You’re already familiar with Etsy, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms specializing in custom and handmade gifts. 

Due to a significant increase in wedding gift interest, Etsy has introduced its proprietary registry feature, allowing couples to manage their wedding registries and share them with loved ones.

Of course, most prominent online retailers offer wedding registries, including Amazon and Target. 

What’s unique about Etsy Registry is that it allows shoppers to request custom, personalized items instead of typical big-box merchandise.

In short, the registry feature allows brides and grooms to request unique gifts rather than typical cookie-cutter fare. 

And, of course, this provides print on demand merchants who use the Etsy platform with a real opportunity to shine.

Why Choose Etsy Registry?

According to the folks at Etsy, they decided to unveil their registry following a significant spike in consumer requests. 

In fact, the platform reported an 872% spike in handmade gift searches year-over-year.

Pan out of the broader eCommerce landscape, and you may understand why this Etsy surge has occurred.

In years past, Bed Bath and Beyond was one of the most popular online wedding registry platforms. 

But with that company filing for bankruptcy, many couples have taken their registry needs elsewhere.

The same holds true for David’s Bridal, another wedding registry giant that’s come upon hard times financially.

It’s clear that Etsy has a real opportunity here, and for our merchants who sell beautiful and thoughtful custom gifts, it opens another avenue for business growth and success.

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Personalized Products for Etsy Registry

Indeed, one of the things that has always set Gooten apart is our emphasis on personalization. 

We make it easy for our sellers to enable full customization, which is what Etsy Registry shoppers seek.

If you’ve never enabled product personalization for your Etsy store, Gooten makes it easy. 

Just check out the complete guide to product personalization, which also applies to platforms like Shopify

This guide will help you take advantage of the opportunities Etsy Registry provides.

Gooten's Product Personalization Guide
You can offer personalization as a default service in your store or apply it to individual orders. For Etsy and Shopify merchants, product personalization unlocks a new revenue stream. Our guide will show you how to set it up in a few easy steps.
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In addition, start exploring the Gooten catalog for wedding gift ideas. 

While at it, consider adding some items for bachelor and bachelorette weekends and other wedding-adjacent activities. 

Even custom T-shirts can go over well during the wedding season!

Questions about selling personalized wedding gifts on Etsy or print on demand fulfillment in general? 

We’re here to help. Reach out to Gooten at your next opportunity.