Products – Print Ready Products

“Print Ready Products” (PRPs) are SKUs in which the user has already attached an image to a Gooten SKU. For example, a 10x10 canvas with a pre-selected 3000x3000 image would be an example of a PRP. Therefore, PRPs are entirely orderable items; there is no customization left to be done.

PRPs can have the same product -> variant relationship as Gooten products (or Shopify products); multiple PRP SKUs can be grouped together under a “product” or name.

So for instance, you may have a PRP product called “Obama T-Shirts,” under which PRP SKUs for small, medium, and large sized PRP SKUs exist.

It’s worth noting that the SKUs returned from the variants endpoint below can be passed into the shipping prices, price estimate, and order submission endpoints.

Listing PRP Products

We can an API endpoint that provides you with the list all PRP products. Note that its paging starts at page=1.

Creating a PRP Product

Create a pre-configured product with a Gooten SKU and your artwork design that can be order at any time.

To create a PRP variant, you should create a POST request that contains body data with the following format:

    // name the PRP variant SKU as you wish, must be unique
    "Sku": "my-prp-sku-1",
    // the PRP product name you want it grouped under
    "Name": "Pet Canvas",
    // entirely optional description
    "Description": "Funny pet canvas",
    "Items": [{
	// Gooten productId
        "ProductId": 43,
	// Gooten SKU
	"ProductVariantSku": "CanvsWrp-ImgWrp-10x10",
	// this is where you configure the image[s] on the item
	"Preconfigurations": [{
	    "Url": ""
    // images for marketing, if you wish to store them here, all optional
    "Images": [{
        "Url": ""

Updating PRP Product

Update a print ready (pre-configured) product in your recipe.

Deleting PRP Product

Delete a print-ready product from your recipe. This command cannot be undone.

Listing PRP Variants

Similar to the one above, you can also get a list of PRP variants. These are orderable SKUs!

The endpoint takes two parameters:

  • page - optional - defaults to 1
  • productName - optional - this is the name of a PRP product from the above endpoint. Passing null/nothing returns all variants for the account