Orders – Update Order Status

The POST orderstatus endpoint is used to set status of an Order.

Updating the order status is enabled for orders that are in the following statuses:

    • AccountingIssue
    • AddressIssue
    • HoldByCIImageIssue
    • ImageIssue
    • NeedsManualApproval
    • New
    • ReadyForAccounting
    • ReadyForImageDl
    • Pending

1. You'll be sending a POST request with parameters included in the URL.

The POST orderstatus endpoint takes following parameters:

    • recipeid - required - an api key that is used for authenticating your API calls.
    • partnerBillingKey - required - a private key that is used when managing your orders via the API. This should never be shared or used client-side!
    • id - required - Order ID
    • orderStatusName - required - the new status that you are setting for your order. Your order status can be changed to one of following statuses:
      • Cancelled
      • New
      • Test
      • Hold

You'll want to send a POST request similar to the following URL and replace the values of the parameters:


Each API request to the Gooten API must have the RecipeID parameter included in the URL. This is typically used to authenticate to the Gooten API. Please be sure to replace the YourRecipeID in the example with your proper RecipeID from the Gooten Admin.

You must also replace the YourPartnerBillingKey in the example with your own Partner Billing Key from the Gooten Admin. This key is used for order related API calls.

When you provide your partnerBillingKey, you must encode it in order for the request to work. You can use an Encoder tool to help encode your partnerBillingKey.

You can find an example payload for updating your order status below:

2. Once you send the POST request, it will display the following response with a boolean value. If the value is true, this means the update was successful. If the value is false, this means the update failed.

  "HadError": "boolean"