Products – List of Products

This call allows you to send a simple HTML GET request to pull the information for the list of products in the Gooten product catalog. Sending the GET request will return the latest product data generated from our system.

The GET products URL can give you the following data for the product(s):

    • Name of the product
    • Type of product
    • Description of the product
    • Cheapest price of the product
    • Cheapest shipping price of the product
    • The product Id
    • Whether the product is an embroidery product or not
    • Whether the product is out of stock or not
    • Whether the product is deprecated or not
    • The URL that includes a product preview of the product

1. To get the list of products, please send a GET request to the following URL:

Below is a Postman example with the GET request for the URL.

2. Once you send the GET request, it will yield the following response which includes the list of products from our product catalog: