Cart – Validating Shipping Addresses

This API request is used to validate a user-entered address. You can query the Gooten API and the API will return a score of the entered address, and a suggested address.

A suggested address is a valid address that most closely matches the user-entered address.

Each API request to the Gooten API must have the RecipeID parameter included in the URL. This is typically used to authenticate to the Gooten API. Please be sure to replace the YourRecipeID in the example with your proper RecipeID from the Gooten Admin.

This request yields the following response:

  "IsValid": "boolean",
  "Reason": "string",
  "Score": "integer",
  "ProposedAddress": {
    "City": "string",
    "CountryCode": "string",
    "PostalCode": "string",
    "StateOrProvinceCode": "string",
    "StreetLines": [

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